Saturday, 24 January 2009

Obama and some other stuff

Well it looks like the US has a new president; I think everyone was bored of Bush and his antics, although some of his literary slipups were pretty damn hilarious. I’m glad we now have a leader rather than a laughing stock at the head of the world only superpower. If you haven’t heard or watched the inauguration speech yet then you need to get your need to crawl into a hole and die because if you don’t even make an effort to pay attention to the world around you your life is utterly devoid of meaning. Alternatively you could just watch it now.

In fact Obama has already done some stuff as president; he’s ordered the closing of Guantanamo and the end of torture. So he’s stopped the practice of holding people without charge, something which we in Britain outlawed in 1215 (the date of the Magna Carta for the historically inept). So along with that and the end of torture it looks like Obama is fully committed to bringing the United States out of the middle ages and firmly into the modern era, already better than Bush then. Although I don’t think even Bush managed to fail to swear the oath like Obama did.

Obama has beencompared to Lincoln, who was assassinated, Kennedy, who was assassinated, and Martin Luther King, who, you guessed it, was assassinated. Is it just me or is there a theme running through those comparisons? I give him 6 months.

Moving onto a completely unrelated topic, I have recently discovered a band called Godspeed You! Black Emperor. They a post-rock band from Canada and well worth listening to. Post-rock is a genre where classical music is played using ‘rock’ instruments, like electric guitars, drum kits and keyboards etc. All the songs are like 20 minute long instrumentals with random sound clip of annoying Americans (or maybe Canadians) talking thrown in. Anyway, check them out, they’re pretty good.

And moving on again to another, totally unrelated topic; Empire Total War is coming out soon (1st March) and I’m really looking forward to it. One thing that has been bugging me however; Sega have decided, in their infinite wisdom, to release 2 versions of the game; the standard one and one with a few extra units and some other gimmicky stuff that cost £10 extra. Which retard at Total War HQ thought that this was a good idea? Why not just release the game with the extras instead of making me choose between extra content and cheapness. They’re even screwing with what you get with the extras; for example, if you buy the special edition of the game from Amazon you get a unit of Amazonian warriors. Witty. Anyway for the record I will be buying the standard version and probably Torrenting the extra content, just to spite Sega for trying to screw me over.

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