Sunday, 10 April 2011


Ok, short blog post this week. Two things to cover: firstly, I’m sorry to say that last week’s historical account of April Fool’s Day was, in fact, an April Fool. Shocking, I know. Sorry for misleading you all. Actually, scratch that, I’m not sorry at all; making up all that stuff and making it sound realistic (if a little far-fetched some of the time) was great fun. I had considered announcing my retirement from this blog as an April Fool, but I decided that was a step too far. I think this one was a far more inventive prank anyway.

So, yeah, all that stuff about Loki, Court Jesters, Pope Alexander IV, Oliver Cromwell, and Thomas Jefferson: Bullshit. Couldn’t you tell?

Secondly, it is highly improbably that there will be a blog post next week, because I’m going travelling again, sorry. This little hiatus will not be anywhere near as long as that unplanned Christmas one. It should only be next week. The week after might be a little late as well, but there should be a blog up at some point in two week’s time.

I don’t have anything substantial this week because I’m actually already on holiday. How dedicated is that? Now I’m gonna go for a swim in the pool, see you all in two week’s time!

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