Monday, 12 April 2010


Remember these three stories I wrote before? I did another one. Enjoy.

Blind. Write a short scene from a third-person attached point of view of a character who has just lost his or her sight. Do not tell us how this person became blind. 400 words.

The bedroom was painted beige, or possible off-white, Graham had never been able to decide. It did not help that he’d never worked out the difference between beige and off-white. The carpet was dark blue, with light blue snowflake-like patterns that weren’t really snowflakes, but he’s never decided on what else to call them. Whatever they were, they matched the pale blue curtains with dark blue snowflake-like patterns. This, however, failed to match the red and black stripped bedding. Neither the red, nor the beige, nor the blue matched the light brown draws and cupboard that lined the wall opposite his bed. Against one wall stood a dark brown bookcase stacked to the top with books, ranging from row upon row of thick fantasy novels to tall newish books about art and architecture. On one wall was pinned a poster of women wearing next to nothing taken from the lad’s mags strewn across the floor, next to a collage of postcards and pictures of buildings spanning thousands of years, collected over years of travel and research.

When Graham woke up the room was black. Rubbing his eyes he got out from under the covers of his black duvet cover and put his naked foot onto the black carpet. His next step had him cursing as he almost slipped on the lad’s mag that he failed to see. He fumbled along the black painted wall for the light switch. He heard the click of the switch as he pushed it, but nothing happened. All he saw was black. He flicked the light on and off in the desperate hope that the lights would come on. They did not.

His hands shot to his eyes, clawing desperately for something to cover them, but he found only his eyes, their soft roundness taunted him as he stared at the blackness. His arms flailed around him, trying to find anything that could be blocking his sight, but his hands found only the hard wood of his black wardrobe. There was a loud thwack as his hand collided with it. Pain surged up his arm and he shook his hand in frustration. He held it up in front of his face to inspect the damage, and saw only black.

Graham sighed. He could feel the course fabric of his black carpet under his feet and hear the roar of rush hour traffic through his black curtains. He could feel the aching pain in his fingers and smell the familiar scent of his room. But he could see only blackness.

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