Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Holiday Schnapps

Oh look a late blog...

Yes it's that time again. Having returned from yet another holiday, that third I think since I stared this thing, almost a year ago actually which is pretty mind boggling, it's time for more holiday snaps. And yes this is late because I have better things to do in the last few days of my holiday that compile a blog of photos.

This time my destination was Madeira, a small Portuguese island off the west coast of Africa. It's not particularly exciting to be honest, but my parent like it enough to keep going back so there we go. Anyway, without further ado, some photos.We went to some botanical gardens, which were actually pretty nice. My camera can take the credit for this next one though, I really was not expecting this one to come out as well as it did.

Oh look, a nice house with a lake and a waterfall and some other random stuff... well I liked it

I don't know why these guys were even here to be honest, maybe they got lost on the way to the British Museum. They're terracotta warriors, from the tomb of the First Chinese Emperor; the British Museum did an exhibition of them a while ago, in case you didn’t get that joke. Obviously these guys aren't the real thing, just mock-ups, pretty well done though. I'm still unsure as to what they were doing in a botanical garden in Madeira

More nice flowers, well done again to my camera, I really can't take the credit for it.

My parents really like walking and they dragged me along on a couple of them.

unfortunately it was pretty hard to tkae photos becuase of the haze and the shadows making for very uneaven light and washed out photos. Nevertheless I think I got some decent photos to give you an idea of the truely amazing scenery.

As i'm sure you can see we were above the level of the clouds, which made for some pretty spectacular views.

Unfortunately the clounds closed in on the second walk, so I couldn't get many good photos, which was a shame because I'm sure the view would have been lovely.

Well that's about all I can be bothered for now, next Saturday, normal services resume, probably.

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