Friday, 22 August 2008

reasons for creating T.I.R.O.M

If you haven't already guessed (and you should have done) T.I.R.O.M stands for: 'The Inane Rantings Of Me', which, if your powers of observation still desert you, is the name of this lovely little blog in this charming little backwater of the Internet.

Yes I have decided to leap proudly onto the bandwagon that has been rolling since seemingly the beginning of time (or at least the Internet), that is the blogging bandwagon. For some reason someone, at some point in the not too distant past, decided that someone else wanted to read what they had to say and decided to put it up in cyberspace for all to see. Ever since angsty teenagers and other budding rebels have been doing the same. So, in following in the footsteps of these unsavoury fellows I have decided to put my ramblings onto the Internet for all to read (not that many actually will).

So what, I hear you asking (or at least pretend to so I can answer it) will you be writing about in this blog? The answer to which being; I have no idea! There will probably be no regularity to my posts, or any definite pattern. I will write about whatever I feel like; I may post my opinions on a news article, I may rant about something that has annoyed me, I may relate in interesting story that has happened in my life, I may review some books that I read, or films that I watch - in fact I will probably review the Dark Knight after I see it tomorrow (yes I know, it has been out for ages, but I haven't seen it yet because I live in the middle of nowhere, so getting to a cinema is a task in itself reserved for special occasions.)

So why create the blog in the first place? A question that I'm sure is (not) tugging away at your coat tails like an annoying younger sibling that you want only to swat away so that (s)he makes a satisfying thud against the wall (oh yes I did just make that analogy!). My reason for making this blog is simple; I felt like it. I decided that somewhere in which to write regularly, with (hopefully) a decent readership, would be fun and give me something else to do (to add to my already 'busy' life.). I find that my life is very stop start; I have a LOT of free time in the school holidays, but tend to get a bit bogged down once school starts (which i fully expect to get worse now that I am about to go into the business end of my academic life), despite this I still have a fair amount of free time which i am determined to fill up! So this blog offers a good opportunity to suck some of that up!

And what about the blogger himself? Who is he? Who am I? I am called Alex. I am 16 (at the time of writing), I go to school at King Edward's School Birmingham and I am a male. My main interest is History, although I also have a passion for Philosophy. My hobbies involve listening to music, playing rugby, reading, writing and blogging apparently. I spend far too much of my life on Internet forums and not enough in contact with normal people. As the observant may have noticed I am cynical beyond repair, which leads me to be overly sarcastic, probably a result of reading webcomics like XKCD... Bong! Name drop!

Anyways, you're probably all sick of me (if there is anyone reading this) so I'll stop the verbal diarrhoea for a day or two and let you all recover from an overdose of cynicism.

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